Relationship Problems

What are relationship problems?

No matter how strong and how old a relationship is but relationship problems are unavoidable. Relationship problems are nothing but few bumps on the road of life and one has no other option but to cross over them. Relationship problems are not just limited to a couple, but they also occur between father and child, brother and sister, between friends and so on.

The main causes behind relationship problems are varied and differ from a relationship to a relationship. However, the most common causes behind relationship problems are lack of communication, over possessiveness and jealousy.

According to therapists and physiologists, relationship problems cannot be solved by screaming and yelling at each other. These activities are only going to aggravate the situation further. You have to understand your faults first before pin pointing others.
Here is some vital information about how to handle relationship problems and enhance relationships.


Communication is one of the common causes behind relationship problems. Individuals have poor communication skills and are unable to express themselves and want their partners to understand it. You need to realize that when you are unable to understand and express yourself, expecting someone else to do so is completely wrong.

Almost all types of relationship problems can easily be solved if you know the right and effective way to communicate with your partner. Talking while engaged in other activities is not the right way to communicate. Most individuals talk while they are watching TV, cooking, reading or are engaged in similar other activity.

Though lack of communication is the common cause behind relationship problems, proper communication is known to be the sure shot remedy of all problems. One must communicate properly. Proper communication implies expressing your thoughts clearly and listening effectively to other’s opinions. Moreover, rechecking with your partner, whether he has understood or not, is an effective way to ensure proper communication.

Over possessiveness and jealousy

Occasional jealousy and possessiveness in all relations are quite common, and they are known to be healthy also. However, when your partner goes green every time you communicate with the opposite sex, then it is not normal and might give way to relationship problems.

Over jealousy and over possessiveness can easily be handled. If you are the culprit than you need to admit that you are being unreasonably jealous. Try to ascertain the cause behind this. It may be because your parents had a bad marriage or may be some bad experiences from previous relationships are clinging on to you. One bad experience does not imply that it is going to plague other relationships also.

On the other hand, if it is your partner is jealous or over possessive then you need to communicate with him and try to know his reason of being insecure. Take appropriate steps to strengthen his faith and belief.


When two people form a relationship, they do not exist in a clean state. However, they carry their personal baggages of expectations and needs. Clashes in expectations are common relationship problems that are known to rust the relationship.

The easiest way to avoid this is to keep your expectations aside and try to fulfill your partner’s needs and expectations. As a result, the needs of both will be fulfilled and there will be no aggravated feelings that give way to bitterness and hurt.

Conclusively, it can be said that it relationship problems are bound to occur. One must not hold on to these but should try to address relationship problems and try to support each other.