Long Distance Love Poems: 12 Hours From Now

My Darling, with you on your side of the world and me on mine.
What only makes it bearable is knowing in 12 hours time.
The same sun that brighten your day.
Is the same sun, which now lights my way.
The same moon light which shines over your head.
Will be the same moon light which creeps into my bed.
Knowing that the stars you see as you close your eyes.
Will soon be filling my evening skies.
The winds that caressed you and blew thru your raven black hair.
Well soon be caring the scent of your body in the air.
Darling I know the tears, which fall from you eyes.
Well soon be the rain drops which fall from my skies.
So you see my darling if this is true.
12 hours from now I will be there with you.